In His Shoes: a Thommy fic for zhugh37


“What, Jimmy?  You’d never believe in magic?”

zhugh37, one of the winners of my giveaway back in January (my, the time flies when you’re on tumblr!), requested a Thommy body-swapping fic.  This is my attempt to fulfill that prompt.

Summary: When Jimmy Kent finds an old book of spells in the servants’ quarters, it offers him an opportunity to discover Thomas’s true feelings about him, and he learns a thing or two about empathy in the process.

Rating: G (for now)

Words: 816

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Ooooh I wondered how you might bring this about and love your wonderful descriptions of Thomas and how Jimmy is just so taken with him and aware of everything he does. Thank you, I’ve never had a prompt filled!

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A better quality clip (1280x720) of that Thomas/Daisy extra from s04e04 for those of you interested in making more caps or gifs. 


Rob James-Collier, Michelle Dockery and Alan Leech at the
Changing Faces Gala Dinner at Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House in London on March 27, 2014.

(FYI: Replaced the second pic with a better quality pic.)



(Episode aired 16/2, also available in podcast form)


Rob comes in about 37 minutes in.  They start out by talking about the floods but then go onto other topics. Pretty short.


Quick little extra with Thomas, Rose, and Robert (no dialogue) from 4x06.


Extended scene in the servant’s hall with Carson & Hughes from 4x06.


New kitchen scene from 4x06 with Carson, Hughes, Patmore, and Thomas!


Alright so PBS posted the correct episode this morning, so here’s an extra bit from last night’s episode, 4x06.  Ha, nothing exciting, basically, Thomas says ‘hello’.  :D


New Carson/Hughes scene from 4x07.


A new scene from 4x07.  Mrs. Hughes won’t put up with nosing around. Jimmy makes ridiculous faces in the background.

(PBS posted next week’s episode to their website instead of this week’s 4x06.)