Nice new photo of Ed on his IMDb page.

Nice new photo of Ed on his IMDb page.


Branson & Thomas ‘outsiders’ of Downton (X)  Thanks to repmet for the link!


Ed at the official opening of British Designers’ Collective Menswear on September 18 in Bicester, England.


Supper quick clip with Jimmy from ep 1. (x)




If Jimmy’s departure is because Ed is too busy, I’m going to be vaguely annoyed with Ed Speleers for the rest of my life. 

Yep same. I mean, S4 was pretty ridiculous but he probably could have gotten a good storyline with Thomas this season if he had wanted to stay on.

Jimmy may be gone because Ed wanted to work on other projects, but I have a hard time believing that JF decided to make Jimmy straight because of that. I mean, that seems like major characterization that would have been decided already and wouldn’t be changed just because of an actor’s career choices. (But what do I know?) And I’m also not sure Ed can be faulted for JF deciding to put Thomas through this ‘going-straight’ arc. If anything, JF wanted to isolate Thomas/ make him go into a tailspin, so this storyline meant Jimmy had to go and so the decision was never in Ed’s hands. I think I’m in the minority here though and I’ve become a serious Ed-fangirl (he ‘s not even my type .. I dunno what happened) so I may not be looking at things honestly.


Downton Abbey: chilling preview shows Thomas blackmail Baxter (X)





I’m sitting here thinking well they started shooting in February and Ed’s werewolf movie started shooting in June so maybe that’s not so bad and I’m heading right over the cliff here, people.

Yeah that crossed my mind too. If he wasn’t on Downton he…

I don’t know why IMDB only lists one episode for Wolf Hall - it’s a 6 part mini-series based on two books. Wikipedia says filming mostly took place in May and June. It’s main focus is the rise and fall of Thomas Cromwell. He plays Edward Seymour, so he may not be in the first couple of episodes, but once the King starts to loose interest in Anne Boleyn, Edward will start to come into play - he makes the most of the court politics and with all the heads that roll around Henry VIII, he is one of the few that survive the King and for a while had a lot of power as the Lord Protector during his nephew’s minority.

Plus Ed did a lot of promo stuff for Plastic when it was released at the start of May.

And then he must have gone straight into filming the werewolf movie.

I don’t know exactly what that means for Downton, but it seems that he was doing other things for at least some of the filming of season 5.

He also did ‘Remainder’ which filmed for 6 weeks from mid April to mid May in London and Germany. Some crew member on Twitter talked about working with him in April and Ed also mentioned in that recent interview how he filmed scenes in Germany for that. No telling how big or small that role is.  ETA:  He’s listed third in the production co’s page about the film.

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Hold on a tic: given the bromance quote that strongly implies Jimmy won’t be leaving in the first episode, what does that mean if he does leave later on in the season?

Like how could you top the horror drama of a Lady A departure from a writer’s standpoint? Logically, what else could make Jimmy go, and what else could give it extra emotional impact than it already would have since Thomas will always love Jimmy?

Yeah, I can’t figure it out. Jimmy getting sacked over Lady Anstruther seems too convenient a way to write out Ed for JF not to use this. Maybe the reviewer who made that ‘bromance’ comment thought of Ethel or Edna or even Mosely, when he was out of a job, and assumed Jimmy would be hanging around too or at least turn up again. 

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In His Shoes


“What, Jimmy?  You’d never believe in magic?”

Giveaway fic for zhugh37.  If you recall, I posted the opening drabble for this prompt some months ago.  Sorry it’s taken so long to finish the thing!  Posted especially tonight because Halloween and to tell myself not to give up the ship!

Please forgive any typos!  This was written in a passion tonight, what with the anxiety the Downton trailer has caused.

Prompt:  Thommy body-swapping

Other Relevant Tags: Banna, accidental voyeurism, masturbation, magic spells

Words: 3493

Rating: M (tiny bit of smut.  It’s my first time, guys!)

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Ahhh really loved your take on this!  Loved all of Jimmy’s bungling and the deep denial (“if he had a lover, he wouldn’t need magic to know her mind, and she wouldn’t …”).  And loved that Thomas cottoned on so quickly and how easily he was like ‘here you go, Jimmy’ lol.  Thanks so much! This was really sweet and a nice picker upper after these last couple days!

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Oooh look the man who posted those pics the other day had won ‘An evening with Ed Speleers’ thing. Posted at @kitchenlangport.

Oooh look the man who posted those pics the other day had won ‘An evening with Ed Speleers’ thing. Posted at @kitchenlangport.